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How do I get to Pai? How do I reach Amy's Earth House?

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Directions
  • To Pai: Local buses and mini vans (Prempracha bus service) leave from Arcade bus station in Chiangmai or from Mae Hong Son and take about 3-4 hours from either direction. Exact departure times are available in our eBook
  • aYa bus service or Terminal Green bus service will pick you up from any hotel within in the old city of Chiang Mai free of charge. Telephone: For aYa 053 247 663 or 053 247 889; For Terminal Green 084 485 00 44 or 086 455 15 67. The hotel reception will be pleased to call for you
  • It's also possible to take a flight with a Kan Air 12 seat aircraft. Flights leave Chiang Mai Friday—Sunday at 10:20 a.m, during high season there are up to four flights daily. Tickets cost THB 1,950. The flight takes 20 minutes
  • If you feel comfortable driving on steep, winding roads, you can rent a motor cycle or car in Chiang Mai. Take Route 107 north from Chiang Mai following the signs to Mae Rim, then follow the signs for Route 1095 to Pai. Although there are no petrol stations after joining Route 1095, petrol can be purchased in any of the villages along the route. If the village does not have a small petrol pump at one of the shops, many shops sell bottled petrol. The Thai word for petrol is Benzin. If you are renting a motor cycle, send your bags by bus. They will be waiting for you in Pai for a nominal fee.
  • Reaching Amy's Earth House (4km use the map below). If you arrive before 17:30 (the bus terminals are in the walking street; the walking street is closed to motorised traffic at around 17:30) there are motor cycle taxis opposite the Prempracha bus station and Taxis to the left (Pai does not have any tuk-tuks).
  • If you take a taxi, ask them to take you to Amy baan deen, Mae Khong. You may call us to pick you up (the office at the bus station will also call us) or rent a bike
  • To Amy's: Turn right out of the bus-station and right at the first traffic lights (Black Canyon Coffee Shop); follow the road towards Mae Hong Son out to the airport; turn right immediately after the airport to Baan Mae Khong (just a few houses); at the crossing, go left — Amy's is on the right hand side after 300 meters
  • If you are a hiker, you can also walk the four kilometers. If you do, please take enough water on a hot day!
  • It's advisable to make reservations beforehand — we may be fully booked!
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Some Important Telephone Numbers:
• Medical Emergency: 1669
• Pai Hospital: 053 699 211
• Police Emergency: 191
• Police Local 053 699 217
• Tourist Police: 1155
• Tourist Police Commander
- 089 526 78 99
• Sabai Clinic: Walking Street
- 053 699 031
• Dental Home Clinic:
- 089 635 61 61
• Chiang Mai Immigration:
- 053 277 510
• Mae Hong Son Immigration:
- 053 612 106
• aYa Service 053 699 888
• North Wheels (Rental Service)
- 085 718 80 08
• Taxi Meechai 089 558 9281
Renting a Motor Scooter/Motor bike for the first time ...
Don’t be a statistic!
Don’t get the Pai Tattoo*
G'Day Scooter and Motorcycle Training was established to reduce the number of unnecessary accidents and is just around the corner from aYa Service.
THB 200 that are well invested for your and other people's safety.
085 041 90 53,

The Pai Bike School not only offers motorcycle training, but scenic tours are also available.
Tel. 080 614 5316
• Wear a helmet.
• Wear sensible shoes

– trainers or boots, not flip-flops

you need those toes.
• Drive slowly.
• Don’t drink and drive.

*Pai Tattoo:
A “Pai Tattoo” sounds great doesn’t it? A real tattoo with sterile needles and all, to show the people at home.
Unfortunately anyone that’s been in Pai long enough knows that to get a “Pai Tattoo” is an altogether totally different experience.
The needles seen when getting this tattoo, are the needles that adminitster the pain relief and stitch the wounds at the local Pai Hospital, once the mud, gravel, and dirt has been removed from all wounds.

You will often see tourists walking, or better said, limping around Pai, swathed in bandages. If you have never ridden a bike before, tell them at the rental shop, or visit the bike school; they’ll give you a lesson in a quiet place and get you accustomed to riding a motorised pair of wheels in safety.
Don't forget, if you haven't driven before, that there are also innocent children on the street!
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Motion Sickness

Preventing Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a mismatch between what your body and your brain is experiencing.
It’s experienced when the central nervous system receives conflicting information from the inner ear, the eyes, and gravitational pressure.
In motion sickness the fluids of the inner ear are moving along with you in the moving vehicle. If you are looking at the back of a car/bus seat or reading a book, the eyes don't register any movement. The brain receives conflicting information and this will often cause some sort of nausea.

General Motion Sickness Prevention
  • Avoid large meals or foods high in fat before traveling. Eat only light meals for 24 hours before travel.
  • Drink plenty of water in preparation for your trip to ensure that your body is well hydrated.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol before and during travel.
  • Take an over-the-counter anti-nausea medicine at least one hour before getting into the vehicle.

Prevent Motion Sickness in a Car/Bus
  • Sit in the front seat of the car where you can look straight ahead through the windscreen. This allows your eyes to send the same message to your brain that your inner ear is sending, which is that you are moving.
  • Focus on the horizon in front of you to help your eyes send the appropriate motion signal to your brain. Do not read or do any other activities while riding in the car.
  • Lean back in the seat and rest your head to prevent it from moving around while you ride.
  • Open the car window or direct the air vents toward your face. Fresh air can help to prevent motion sickness symptoms.
People often try closing their eyes when they experience motion sickness, but this action will not reduce the sensation; it is, in fact, just about the worst thing you can do. Closing your eyes shuts off a very powerful override. If you open your eyes and focus, either on a single point in the distance, or focus as if you’re driving the car, you can actually override the incorrect interpretation of the ear input.
Another prevention mechanism that doesn’t work is wearing magnetic bracelets that supposedly help with balance, they have not been found to be effective. They may act as a psychological relief, but they do not really get rid of your symptoms.
There is a more natural approach to relieving the sensation of motion sickness:
ginger. All you have to do is suck on it. It is very effective and it will calm your stomach down.
Just as a precaution – keep plastic bags or travel-sickness-bags handy.
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Plan your trip to Pai in advance with our unique 52-page guide …
ibook/ebook for iPhone/iPad or Android devices.
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Amy's Earth House
99 Moo5, Mae Na Toeng (Mae Khong)
Pai 58130,
Telephone 053 065 099
Mobile 084 489 38 65 (English/Deutsch)
089 076 59 49 (English/Thai)
19.384433, 98.434668
Download Map as PDF
Download Address-Card for taxi:
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GPS Co-ordinates

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Contact Info

Amy's Earth House
99 Moo 5
Mae Na Toeng
Pai, Mae Hong Son, 58130, Thailand
Telephone +66 53 065 099
084 489 38 65 (English/Deutsch)

.ปาย .แม่ฮ่องสอน. 58130
089 076 59 49 ไทย/อังกฤษ/English

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