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Muang Rae Geyser,
Muang Paeng and Thai Pai Hot Springs

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Muang Rae Geyser …
Ampoe (district) Pai is situated in a volcanic area with a series of geological faults. The sub terrain temperature is calculated, in places, to be between 130 and 180°C.
A forty minute drive through the beautifully scenic Huai Nam Dang National Park is rewarded by a geyser at the roadside that gushes out of the ground at a constant 95°C. The water flows along a short stream and into the Pai River a couple of yards away. As it flows into the river, the water still has a temperature of 90°c!
We will purchase some eggs and boil them in the spring. We'll eat the eggs with some sticky rice and enjoy a cool drink, whilst dangling our feet over the stream and sitting in the steam — very good for a healthy complexion.
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Muang Paeng Hot springs are just 10 kilometres further down the road. They cover an area of approximately 100m by 30m; larger and more impressive than Muang Rae Hot Springs.
Here the water bubbles out of the rocks over the whole area, forming pools and riverlets that flow into a stream.
You won't be bathing here!
The stream has a temperature of 80°C. The water bubbling out from between the rocks is, again, over 90°C! The stream flows for about a kilometre, slowly cooling, before it too flows into the Pai River.

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On the way home, we'll stop off at Tha Pai Hot Springs, for those that wish to bathe or even just hang their feet in the warm water.
Tour Price: THB 700 per person, including eggs, rice, and a stop for noodle soup.
The THB 200 entrance fee for Tha Pai Hot Springs is not included in the tour price.
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