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Cha will take you …
… on a one- to three-day trek, visiting unspoiled hill-tribe villages, waterfalls, caves and jungle camping. Learn how to survive in the jungle. Cha will vary his route according to your need, but the average trek is 4—5 hours walking per day. All levels of fitness are, however, welcome.
Cha and his team aim to aid the hill-tribes, while encouraging them to maintain their traditional way of life. 15—25% of the trekking price goes directly to the villages you will visit.

Prepare yourself for the trek, and have a great adventure!
As any experienced trekker knows, meticulous planning of a trekking tour is part of the fun. Remember to bring all your gear and supplies. Our trekking operator is well-stocked, but it never hurts to bring your own equipment, particularly if you have become used to them.
Aside from the usual equipment such as torches, hiking boots, sleeping bags, hats etc. remember to bring along mosquito and bug repellants and, to be on the really safe side, undergo an inoculation course before entering Thailand.
Don't forget to pack any medication you need to take!
Plan your trek well, and have a lot of fun on the trail!
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Spending a night in a hill-tribe village, will help you learn about the lifestyle of the peoples you are visiting.
Are they any different to us? Do they complain in an evening about the hard work in the paddies, just as we complain about the day at the office? Do they sit around the table for their evening meal, ignoring each other while squinting at re-runs of Top Gear out of the corner of their eye?
Come and find out.
If you would like to do more to aid the village you will spend the night in, take along some gifts.
Always welcome are blankets, clothes and shoes, candles, pens and note books for the school children, fruit and nuts etc.
Please do not take sweets with you. The children may like them, but please think about their health.
If you are taking any heavy or bulky gifts, Cha will arrange for transport.
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Spending the night in a hill-tribe village
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