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What can you do while you are at Amy's Earth House?

We organise tours:
You can visit Pai Canyon. You can go elephant riding and to the Hot Springs. We can take you to visit Tham-Lod Cave or on one of the tours below. Please ask about our one-, two-, or three-day Trekking Tours
Our Restaurant-Chef, Netty, is one of the best cooks in Pai, you can learn to cook northern- and southern-Thai meals in her kitchens. Two Examples: Recipes & Making coconut-mik
Gallery: What To Do In and Around Pai.

What else?
We also organise Half-Day Motorbike Tours for those that have rented a bike:
MotoTour 1: Mo-Pang waterfall, Shandicun Chinese Village, Namhoo Temple
MotoTour 2: Town Cruise: Na-Chalong, Tan-Jedton, Wieng-Nua Village, Tha-Pai hot springs, Prathat Mae-Yen Hill-top temple (beautiful view)
The same tours are also available by pick-up.
We also have
mountain bikes you may rent.
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Two hours on an elephant, riding bareback through the jungle; then down to the river, where Ot (Tadpole), Tutdao (Super-Star), or Phom-Paem (Lovely Girl) — Thom's elephants — will throw you into the water and play with you. Afterwards bathe in the hot tubs, with water piped directly from Tham Pai Hot Springs.
Rafting is also possible – a great way to see more of everyday rural life in the countryside of traditional Thailand. As you float along the Pai River with your guide, you can watch the local farmers at work, children playing on the river banks, as well as wildlife and birds.


Tha Pai Hot Springs
One of the first things you might like to visit after you have arrived in Pai and settled yourself in, is located in the Huai Nam Dang National Park, just two kilometers off Route 1095. The water has an average temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, and offers an excellent view especially in the morning, when the mellow sun creates a rich tapestry of shadows as it shines through the steam issuing from the hot spring.
The more adventurous may prefer to visit Sai Ngam hot springs deep in the jungle. Not quite so hot, but an amazing experience.


Tham-Lod Cave
One of the largest cave systems in Thailand, with three enormous caverns that are connected by a river that flows through the system, ending in a cascade.
With your guide, you will see beautiful stalagmites, stalactites and even stone-age cave painting.
2000 Years ago the third cavern was used as a burial chamber.
You will see some ornate teak coffins, that have been left on display in their original positions.
In the evening you can watch as bats and swallows swap sleeping quarters in the cave ...


Our licensed guide, Cha, can custom design a trail for you depending on your schedule and appetite for travelling on foot, and will even arrange to carry humanitarian supplies for you if you wish to donate to local tribes.
Cha and his guides are bilingual and very knowledgeable and will take you into the jungle on a one-, two- or three-day trek. Learn how to survive with nothing but a machete.
If you choose to go on a two- or three-day trek, you will spend a night at Cha's village in the mountains.


Rafting on Pai River
The first strokes on Pai River will take you straight into the lush of the jungle; after a few kilometres of gentle warm up and bouncing down the first rapids, you will stop for a basket lunch under a huge wild mango tree; Then, rowing and jumping, through 15 steps of white water (including the class 4 Fragrance Rapid), you will reach the hot springs and fluoride mine, an interesting geological spot. Few kilometres later, we will stop to enjoy water games at a small waterfall. After passing through many more rapids, we will stop to overnight at a bamboo jungle camp;
Exclusive Hot-Spring Tour About 300 square kilometers of Pai district is occupied by large expanses granite from the Triassic Age with the appropriate permeability for hot fluids to ascend to the surface.
This means that the Pai district has an abundance of Thermal Springs.
This tour will take you into the populated area of the scenic Huai Nam Deng National Park to visit two of the most astounding thermal springs and finishes up at Tha Pai Hot Springs to allow you to relax after the journey.
Cooking Lessons at Amy's Earth House
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Plan your trip to Pai in advance with our unique 52-page guide …
ibook/ebook for iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

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